Evening Menu – Le “Menu Fixe”

£26.75 2 Courses

Available Monday to Friday from 6pm & Saturday from 5pm

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Les Entrées

Cuisse De Grenouilles A Ma Façon
A must in a French restaurant! Frog legs cooked in garlic butter until crispy & golden brown, served on a fricassee of wild mushrooms & a caramelised shallot purée, drizzled with a smooth roasted garlic cream sauce

Filet De Rouget Provençal
Fillet of red mullet pan fried in olive oil, set on a bed of roasted aubergine purée with crushed herb potatoes, topped with a rouille mayonnaise & accompanied by a tomato gazpacho

Carpaccio De Bœuf Aux Multiples Saveurs (£1 extra)
Carpaccio of rare British fillet of beef presented with pickled beetroot, a celeriac & horseradish purée, charred shallot rings & game chips, garnished with a Parmesan tuile & a rocket salad

Le Fameux Beignet D’Haddock Aux Deux Saveurs
Strips of natural smoked haddock deep fried in a very light batter, served with salad leaves, finished with a duo of sweet ginger & chilli dressings

Poêlee De Gambas Exotique
Pan fried fresh marinated chilli king prawns tails presented on a bed of sweet potato purée flavoured with coconut milk, dressed with a finely chopped refreshing chilli, lime & pineapple salsa,  finished with a coriander & cucumber yoghurt

Coquille St Jacques (£1.50 extra)

Fresh Scottish King scallops pan fried until golden brown, served with a cauliflower mousse, grilled cauliflower florets & crispy pancetta, drizzled with a caramelised shallot jus

Pepitte De Lotte
Pan fried thin medallions of monkfish tail served on pak choi & vegetables, cooked in a light Thai red curry sauce & topped with a home-made onion bhaji

Assiette de Chevre De Printemps
Baked tomato filled with a light goats cheese flavoured with basil & roasted pine kernels & a deep fried goat’s cheese bonbon coated in breadcrumbs & sesame seeds, both set on a bed of chilled roasted pepper, tomato houmous & grilled asparagus, finished with a sweet yellow pepper dressing

Trio De Porc Du Chef
One of my favourite starters consisting of crispy pork belly, breaded ham hock croquette & grilled French black pudding, served on a fricassee of garden peas & shredded lettuce leaves, finished with a creamy grain mustard sauce

Pave De Foie Gras A La Confiture De Figue
A must in a French restaurant! Slice of home-made fois gras flavoured with Southern Comfort, accompanied by a home-made fig jam, toasted baby brioche & lambs lettuce leaves

Soupe A L’Oignon
Traditional French onion soup topped with toasted bread croutons & grated Gruyère cheese
(Alternative soup option is available, please see the blackboard)

Salade De Canard Et Œuf Poche Croustillant
Slices of chilled roasted duck breast & lambs lettuce, served on a bed of celeriac remoulade, garnished with croutons & a crispy poached egg, drizzled with a sweet orange, honey & star anise dressing

Les Plats


Trilogie D’Agneau Provençal
Roasted lamb loin cooked to medium, braised shredded lamb shoulder breaded croquette & a roasted tomato filled with a mince lamb moussaka, accompanied by a courgette flan flavoured with Parmesan & lime, a stuffed baby aubergine & dauphinois potatoes, dressed with a garlic & herb jus

Blaquette De Veau A Ma Facon
English veal rump roasted to medium, presented on a creamy sauce flavoured with fresh tarragon & morel mushrooms, served with pearl onions, carrots, asparagus, garden peas & potatoes vapeur

Flétan A La Sauce Thaïlandaise (£4.00 extra)
Fresh halibut pan fried until golden brown served on a potato cake flavoured with spring onions & Chinese leaves, finished with a coconut milk, ginger, chilli, lemon grass & coriander sauce

Serpentin De Plie & Saumon
A swirl of plaice & salmon fillets gently grilled, set on a fricassee of peas, broad beans, lettuce leaves, carrots & saffron cubed potatoes, finished with a smoked salmon & dill sauce

Bar Oriental A la Crème De Feuille De Citron Vert
Pan fried fillet of seabass presented with butternut squash, a julienne of leeks, pak choi, carrots, courgettes, broccoli tossed in a light sesame seed & Soy sauce dressing, served with sweet potato fondant & a light citrus beurre blanc

Folie De Lapin A La Moutarde De Meaux
A rabbit delight of pan fried fillet of rabbit, a rabbit breaded croquette & a roasted boneless rabbit leg, set on a celeriac & truffle purée, served with caramelised onions, mushrooms, green beans & a sun dried tomato potato terrine, finished with a creamy grain mustard sauce

Magret De Canard A La Sauce Aigre Doux Aux Cerises
Gressingham duck breast cooked to pink, presented on a bed of fine carrots, celery, leeks, Savoy cabbage & braised barley, served with a black cherry, Kirsch & pink peppercorn sauce

Cabillaud A la Mouclade
Pan fried English fillet of cod served on cannellini beans, diced carrots, roasted fennel & asparagus, accompanied by a light fresh mussel, orange & rosemary sauce

Filet De Bœuf Cantona (£5.50 extra)
6oz fillet of beef filled with cream cheese, roasted garlic & spinach, wrapped in pancetta & roasted to medium, served on roasted aromatic root vegetables, our deep fried rosti potato & drizzled with a sweet sherry sauce

Suprême De Poulet De La Royauté
Pan fried chicken breast, fresh king scallops & fresh king prawn tails, served on creamy risotto flavoured with vegetables, chorizo & saffron, dressed with a light tomato & fresh herb sauce

Pave De Bœuf Sauce Poivre
8oz sirloin steak cooked to your liking, served with a traditional creamy peppercorn sauce, ‘Pomme Anna’ potatoes & roasted seasonal vegetables

Paupiette De Porc Aux Fruits Aromatiques
Roasted pork fillet filled with aromatic apples & dried apricots, wrapped in pancetta & presented on a honey carrot purée, kale & grilled leeks, served with potato croquettes flavoured with cheddar & pancetta, finished with a caramelised apple & Calvados jus



Les Suppléments

Home-made Chips £3 / Mashed Potato £2.50 / Seasonal Vegetables £2.00
Garlic Bread £2.75 / Cheesy Garlic Bread £3 / Salads £3

Important: All meals may contain nuts, please advise of any food allergies so dishes can be adjusted


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