Les Desserts

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All £6.00

Crepe Suzette A La Française
A must dessert in a French restaurant consisting of thin pancakes served with a sugary orange & Grand Marnier sauce, accompanied by an orange & Cointreau ice cream

Sables Breton Avec Pistache Et Abricot
A Brittany shortbread cake topped with whipped cream, honey roast apricots & crunchy pistachio nuts, served with pistachio creme anglaise & an Amaretto syrup

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Traditional, but very good (my wife told me so) sticky toffee pudding served with honeycomb ice cream & toffee sauce

Crême Brulée
Traditional creme brulee, flavoured with vanilla, accompanied with a Summer fruit compote & a homemade shortbread biscuit

Panier De Glaces Maison
Brandy snap basket filled with a selection of three flavours of farm produced ice cream, garnished with fresh fruits & a fruit coulis

Fraise Et Chocolat
A light strawberry mousse in a white chocolate cup served with a dark chocolate sorbet & fresh strawberries, garnished with a Langue De Chat biscuit

Frangipane Aux Cerises (GF)
A warm cherry & almond frangipane, accompanied by cherries poached in a Guignolet syrup, topped with a cherry & almond tuille & a yoghurt & thyme ice cream

La Spécialité De Jour
Ask for today’s special dessert

Tarte Au Citron Et Meringue
A refreshing chilled lemon tart topped with fresh Italian meringue, garnished with fresh raspberries & raspberry sorbet

Assiette Chocolaterie
Chocolate platter for the chocolate lover consisting of chocolate tart, chocolate ice cream & a profiterole filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & a chocolate lassie

Les Glaces Et Sorbets
Ask for today’s selection of ice creams or sorbets

Assiette Gourmande (£3.50 Extra)
Come on spoil yourself with a selection of five of our sweets on one plate!!

Plateau De Fromages (£3.00 Extra)
Platter of all our cheese, served with cheese biscuits & preserved fruits

Le Fromage
Choose one from our selection of cheeses, ask for today’s selection 

Dessert Wine: Pacherenc Du Vic Bilh Plaimont £5.95 (70ml) £9.00 (125ml)

Important: All meals may contain nuts, please advise of any food allergies so dishes can be adjusted

Vegan desserts available, please ask a member of staff for details

Important: All meals may contain nuts, please advise of any food allergies so dishes can be adjusted

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