Les Entrées

Melon Et Fruits VEGAN ~
Seasonal melon served with honey glazed fruits & coulis

Feuillete D’asperges & Oeuf Poche
Puff pastry case filled with warm asparagus & poached egg, garnished with a creamy grain mustard sauce

Soupe De Jour
Please ask for todays soup

Figues Rotis Aux Lentils VEGAN
Roasted figs served on a lentil salad, topped with roasted pine kernels  & rocket salad, drizzled with a sesame seed & caramel dressing


Les Entrées & Les Plats (Starter or Main Dish)

Choux-fleur Et Polenta VEGAN
Grilled polenta with chilled cauliflower a la grecque with lightly spiced tomatoes & yellow sultanas, cooked in olive oil & coriander seeds, garnished with spicy cashew nuts & dressed lambs lettuce

Tofu Et Pois VEGAN
Tofu marinated in a sesame seed, soy, honey & sesame oil dressing, set on a chilled fresh pea & mint compote

Champignons Et Celeri Au Truffle VEGAN
Grilled mushrooms stuffed with celeriac & truffle oil, served on a smooth caramelised shallot purée & a celeriac & mustard purée, simply garnished with a rocket salad

Bhaji De La Boheme VEGAN
Sweet potato purée flavoured with fresh chilli & lime, topped with a onion bhaji served with a soya yoghurt flavoured with fresh coriander & cucumber


Les Plats

Raviolis Maison
Fresh pea & mint ravioli served on a bed of homemade chick pea houmous, finished with a honey, soy, ginger & chilli dressing

Roulade Vegetarienne VEGAN
A slice of potato roulade filled with roasted aubergine, roasted pepper, asparagus & a red onion marmalade, garnished with a rocket salad, drizzled with a roasted pepper dressing

Risotto Au Fromage Bleu
A risotto bound with blue cheese, leek & pear, garnished with caramelised walnuts

Colis De Legumes
Puff pastry parcel filled with a mushroom duxelle, cream cheese, spinach, asparagus & crushed hazelnuts, cooked to golden brown, served on a fresh tomato coulis

Panier De Courge Musquee Rotie
Cajun roasted butternut squash filled with diced aromatic Provençal vegetables accompanied by grilled haloumi (optional) finished with a red pepper dressing


Desserts £6.00

Crumble Au Fruits VEGAN
Seasonal fruit compote with a homemade crumble topping with almonds baked in the oven & served with dairy free vanilla ice cream

Gateau Au Citron VEGAN
Home-made lemon sponge cake with lemon icing accompanied by fresh raspberries & refreshing raspberry sorbet


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